What is Neural Foraminal Narrowing

There is a natural opening present in the spinal column through which the spinal nerve traverses; this opening is called as foramina. In neural foraminal narrowing, due to some conditions such as degeneration tremendous pressure is exerted on the foramina which make it get reduce in the size. This narrowing often exerts pressure n the spinal nerve that goes through the foramina and exhibit several classic symptoms of the condition. The main reason for this condition is attributed to the degeneration or wear and tear of the discs that make the foramina to narrow in the size.

It also seems to occur in autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis where due to degeneration the narrowing takes place. In some cases this happens due to tumor of fibrous covering of the peripheral nerves that is also termed as neurofibroma. All conditions that affect the spine and brain should be taken seriously to cease the further damage to the cells.

People with neural foramen narrowing often experience symptoms such as pain in the spine, numbness of the area, some also experience tingling sensation through the spine column. In advanced stages of the narrowing one could feel loss of strength in the muscles of the area that carry the right posture of the human being. The diagnosis is often done on the basis of symptoms and radiographic imaging. The methods that are usually used to diagnose the narrowing are MRI, CT scan and other radiographic techniques. The narrowing which is often called as stenosis is quite visible in the tests and according period after miscarriage to its stage the doctor might prescribe further treatment.

Treatment of neural foraminal narrowing often consists of non-surgical treatments only if the condition is at prior stages. But in most cases the condition is detected at quite later stage therefore only spinal surgery is the option left with the doctors. The surgery is often successful where the doctors work their way to remove the pressure on the foraminal nerve and ease out the constriction. The diagnosis is often delayed because the pain experienced by patients is not of sever or moderate intensity.

The pain is often experienced at one side and would be light in the start. As the stage advances and the neural foramen narrowing starts contracting the nerve roots and the nerves traversing inside the pain aggravates after few years. In case of arthritis it becomes really hard to diagnose the narrowing because the patients in general experience joint and bone pains and they often tend to report the spinal pain at later stages. To cure the condition without surgery one should keep keen attention on the symptoms especially one sided pain in the spinal column.

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