The Danger of Smoking For The Throat

Do you know that not only the heart and lungs susceptible to cigarettes, but also your throat ?

The study of U.S. Surgeon general issued last year said that every time of tobacco smoke inhaled, the throat you directly exposed to more than 7000 some chemicals can cause cancer and the other containing a poison. The effect on the throat ranging from mild irritation to cancer.

What about a cigarette that is having low levels of tar? Whether having the same effect disastrous as a cigarette that is having high levels of tar?

The presence of cigarettes bertar low give rise to the assumption that this type of cigarette more friendly towards health. In fact, World Health Organization ( WHO ) through Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2003 has prohibited the use of the term bertar and nicotine cigarette labeling is considered low because people can be misleading. In addition, an article published in 1982 in “American Journal of Public Health” said that even in small quantities, formaldehyde and acrolein content contained in cigarettes can still cause irritation of the throat. So, low tar cigarettes with sucking not help reduce the level of irritation in the throat.

The same is true for electric cigarette or vapor. Cigarettes electrically usually accompanied by perisa or element adder taste. Unknown vital that the perisa could further degrees severity on the condition of the body. Horrible, not ?

Smoking may also cause a vowel sound that being gravelly and harsh.

This symptom often accompanied by pain in the throat. The American Academy of the Otolaryngology cigarettes as one factor causing laryngitis occurring in chronic (inflammation of the vocal cords that can lead to a guttural voice).

If you have inflammation of the throat due to smoking, take your ease enough, nutritious food consumption, and drink vitamin to improve the immune. Limit the type of food can be stimulating cough like ice and fried foods, as well as reduce or avoid cigarette smoke.

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