Privacy Policy

Trust Pharmacy respects your privacy. We, therefore, take all the necessary measures to ensure our customer’s privacy is 100% protected. We have implemented the latest SSL encryption technology on our website to keep your details private when you are ordering your pills. 

We ship your medications anonymously – the pills will arrive wrapped like a gift. When making the payment, all charges made to your credit card will only include our company’s name – they will not include the names of the pills you have ordered. 

Trust pharmacy only asks for personal information to make the ordering and delivery process as smooth as possible. For example, we will use your email address to send updates about the shipping progress. We will never use your personal information for advertisements. Trust Pharmacy doesn’t sell your data to third parties. 


Cookies are small text files that we store on your web browser when you visit our website. These make your experience on our website much smoother. For example, if you had added a product to the cart, we will use cookies to remember this command. If you visit our website again without clearing the cookies, the product you had added to the cart will still be in your shopping cart. 

Information Collection 

Trust Pharmacy collects information that cannot be used to identify you personally. For example, when you visit our website, our servers may collect your computer’s IP address. Unless it is for verification or registration, we won’t collect your personal information. 

Trust Pharmacy does not access or keep your financial and credit card information. When you click the checkout button on our website, we will take you to a secure portal for payment. Your credit card data will be hidden on the portal. We only receive a confirmation once the payment is successful. 


In compliance with the rules and principles that regulate International Pharmacies, we do not accept returns, even for packages that haven’t been opened. Since our products are geared towards ensuring that everyone is healthy, accepting medication returns would be illegal. 

Before shipping products, we ascertain their integrity by making regular checks. If you happen to receive the wrong product by mistake, contact our support team and we will organize a re-shipment. However, we won’t require you to send the package back. 

Money-Back Guarantee 

All our customers can benefit from our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you receive unsatisfactory medications, simply contact us. We will evaluate your query and initiate refund arrangements. 

Order Cancellation 

Our customers are allowed to cancel their orders as long as they haven’t been processed. To cancel your order, simply contact our customer support team. 

For orders that have already left our warehouse and have been shipped, cancelation is impossible. However, shipped orders could be eligible for refunds. If you would like to know if it is possible to get a refund, simply reach out to our support team.

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