Nowadays, people are busy to the point that forgetting to refill prescriptions on time is becoming the norm. Failing to place your prescription order on time will either cost you proper health or your money. 

If you fail to take your meds while waiting for the shipment to arrive, you will be sacrificing your health, especially if you depend on the pills to keep your condition in check. If you order the pills from your local drugstore, you will have to spend a lot of money on brand-name drugs. 

To help you order your refills on time, we have added a refill feature on our website. Once you set up this feature, it will be ordering the refills for you automatically. To use our automatic refill feature, you will need to follow these simple steps: 

  1. Find the meds you would like to buy and add them to the cart. 
  2. Choosing a shipping option and then hit the CHECKOUT button. 
  3. Select the automatic refill option and then set a schedule that works for you. This could be every week, once per month, or twice every 5 months. 
  4. Finalize the order and make your payment. 

We do not charge our customers to set up the automatic refill. You will only be charged once your automatic refill has been prepared and shipped.

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