Product Concerns 

Where do you get the generic medications you sell? 

Trust Pharmacy works with various generic drug manufacturers. These manufacturers are vetted to ensure that they follow the right procedures when making drugs and that they have certifications from WHO, GMP, and ISO. Every medication in our catalog has already been tested for effectiveness. 

Do you sell FDA-Approved pills? 

Your health is our number one concern. For this reason, we will only sell drugs that have received FDA approval. 

Do you have generic versions for all brand-name medications? 

Brand-name drugs have patent protection. In most cases, the patent stays viable for approximately 20 years. Brand-name drugs that are still protected by the patent won’t have generic versions. However, Trust Pharmacy is always expanding its catalog with new generic additions that get introduced into the market. 

What health complications can your drugs treat? 

We have meds for almost every health complication. The drugs on our catalog can treat: 

  • Hair loss 
  • Diabetes 
  • Asthma 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Arthritis 

To find a medication for your health problem, simply select a category or type the medication’s name in the search bar. 

Will your generic drugs produce the same effect as brand-name medications? 

Generic and brand-name drugs have the same active compound. If you take generic Cialis and then take brand-name Cialis, you won’t feel any difference in the way the two medications eliminate erectile dysfunction. This is because both drugs will have tadalafil as the healing component. 

Can I afford your drugs? 

Trust Pharmacy has the lowest medication prices. Most of the pills cost less than a dollar. In addition to the low prices, we offer: 

  • Free pills 
  • Bulk order discounts 
  • Coupon codes 
  • Free shipping 

Shipping Queries 

Do you ship to my country? 

Trust Pharmacy is always pushing the limits, trying to deliver meds to all parts of the globe. However, delivery to some countries is impossible. To know whether we deliver drugs to your home, please contact our support team. 

Can I afford your shipping costs? 

Our shipping options are both cheap and effective. We use EMS which costs $19.95 and standard airmail which costs $9.95. 

Why is my order taking too long? 

Trust Pharmacy does not have control over medication shipping – this means that some orders may get delayed. In addition to customs procedures, medication delivery may be delayed by weather conditions and your area of residence. 

Payment Concerns 

What payment options do you accept? 

You can use your Mastercard or Visa card to pay for your drugs. If you need additional payment options, feel free to contact our support team. 

Is my credit card data safe with you? 

Trust Pharmacy uses modern SSL technology to encrypt your data and to ensure that no one can access it. In addition to this, we do not collect credit card data. 

How do I know my payment went through? 

Our payment processor sends an email to alert you about your payment status. Check your inbox – or your spam folder – to determine whether the payment was successful. 

Refund Queries 

Do you refund the damaged products? 

Yes, we do! If your product arrived damaged, contact us so that we can organize a refund or re-shipment. 

Do you refund incomplete packages? 

In the rare event you get an incomplete package, kindly let our support team know. We will ship another package or offer a refund, depending on your preference. 

My order didn’t arrive, how can I solve this? 

Sometimes, orders get stuck at the local post. Hence, check your local post before assuming that your package is lost. However, if 30 days have already passed and your order is yet to arrive, please let us know. Include your order’s details so that we can organize a reshipment or refund. 

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